• Evelyn Phoenix

Write On! Strategies for Struggling Writers FREE E-Book

Writing is one of those subjects that my fourth grade son really struggles with. It's not that he is devoid of ideas- in fact, sometimes the issue is that he has so many ideas, he finds it difficult to focus them on paper. To help him with this, I utilize graphic organizers along with a few strategies that I picked up during my years as a special education teacher. Noticing how much these tools have helped him, I decided to compile them into a short E-book titled Write On: Strategies for Struggling Writers. This booklet contains my most frequently used graphic organizers and provides and overview of the TAG method. While academic writing can be intimidating at first, it is a skill that can be learned- even mastered. With so many parents homeschooling now, I hope this small booklet will be useful in getting parents to inspire the inner writer in their children. Feel free to download and print this booklet by clicking the link below. Write on!

Write On! e-Book
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