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Fun With Snap Circuits

For me, the only way to teach science is through hands-on, project-based learning. So when my son told me that he was interested in studying electricity, I was eager to begin my search for some super-cool activities we could do together. The first project we did was make lemon batteries, which you can read about here. This project gave him a basic understanding of what a circuit is and the different parts that it needs. However, when he was ready to go a bit more in depth, we pulled out the Snap Circuits.

Snap Circuits are one of those amazing toys that I came across. What makes snap circuits so cool is that they allow children to build their very own circuits, and explore making their own electronics. It provides hours of educational play, and best of all. It encourages children to be producers of technology rather than mindless consumers of it. This is a huge plus in my book!

The kit that we ordered is by a brand called Elenco; ours is the Jr. Kit. It comes with over 30 pieces that snap and connect with one another in different ways to create over 100 projects. These projects include an electric light, two speed fan, light police siren, double blinking flashlight, and so much more.

While the parts may look confusing at first, the kit comes with a full color manual that contains in depth instructions that will have you and your child building electronics you never dreamed of! My son went from not having a clue to bursting with confidence over all he could make by himself. I highly recommend using snap circuits for children ages 7 and up.

I love Snap Circuits so much

Check out the pics below!

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