• Evelyn Phoenix

DIY Rose Glow Tonic

I love rosewater! I need rosewater! Perhaps the only skincare product I love more than rosewater is rosewater with glycerine. Below I share my super simple, inexpensive recipe for my Rose Glow facial mist that will have your face gleaming like a star- even in the wintertime!


Rosewater- You can totally make this with fresh roses, but for convenience and cost, I buy mine from the local halal shop. It can usually be found in the spice aisle because it is traditionally used in cooking and baking. I also use it to make a fabulous rosewater lemonade, but that's another post for another day. I find it most economical to purchase rosewater this way. I don't know where these retailers get off selling simple rosewater for an upwards of $10. I usually spend between $2-$3 on this , and I'm able to get around 3 batches of my facial mist from one bottle of this stuff.

Glycerine- Glycerine gets a lot of use in my home. I use it for my homemade, edible finger-paint, my hair moisturizer, and a host of other DIY projects. Glycerine is an all natural humectant that does wonders for dehydrated skin and hair. In fact, it is the glycerine in this recipe that provides that "dewy" factor that I love so much.

Spray Bottle- You can purchase this from the dollar store, Walmart, ('m more of a Target girl myself) or recycle an old one. It really doesn't matter. Just make sure that it is clean and a size that works for you.


1. Fill 3/4 of a clean, empty spray bottle with rosewater.

2. Fill 1/4 of bottle with glycerine.

3. Attach top of spray bottle and give a good shake.

4. Spray with reckless abandon on face and neck !

Extra: Feel free to get creative with this recipe by adding aloe vera juice, lavender essential oil, or anything else you like. I sometimes add dried rosehips into my clear bottles for a super elegant look!