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Broken Crayons Still Color

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Broken Crayons Still Color

My two year old daughter loves to color. I do my best to keep all the materials she needs on hand for when she gets the urge, but it’s been difficult to keep up. Seriously, I’ve purchased crayon box after crayon box of the best brand at the market , and they just keep breaking! It seems that as soon as she gets them, she breaks them apart. And while crayons are not necessarily expensive, it definitely adds up if you are having to buy a new box every month.

Recently, I said to myself - “No more! We are going to collect all these pieces of broken crayon and reuse them!". Well, that is exactly what we did; it didn’t take long either! Last night, we sat on the floor, peeled the labels off , broke them up a little more when needed, and put them into an adorable silicone mold. Three minutes in the microwave and 10 minutes or so to solidify, and voila- brand new, much cooler- looking crayons! It’s a craft that barely takes any time, and most importantly, it teaches children how to be resourceful and creative when faced with challenges. You will need: Broken crayons Silicone mold Microwave Time Essential oil (optional if you want to add a scent)

Step 1: Peel off labels of broken crayons Step 2: Put crayons pieces into silicone mold-break up crayons even more if needed.

Step 3: place silicone mold on the microwave for 3 minutes. Step 4: (optional) add 1-2 drops of essential oil of choice to melted wax Step 5: With the power off, allow melted wax to cool in microwave for 10 minutes or until completely solid. Step 6: Gently release your new up-cycled crayon from the mold.

Step 7: Make something beautiful! ReplyForward


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